Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 27, Week Four!

This week's Aces Weekly concludes the terrific, Geysers Of Titan, from Petri Hanninen and Russ Leach.  If you want more from those two, write and let us know!  Next week, we have something special to add to this volumes's magic mix.  A character who has captured - or should I say, grasped with a talon-like grip - the hearts of us all in appearances that began in our very first volume is bounching back to us in very heavy and recognisable boots, and in an extra-length thriller the like of which we have never seen before.  You know we specialise in the surprising.  You know we never settle for the ordinary. You know we like to keep you guessing.  We know you like suspense.  Not long to wait, though.  She's on her way... : )

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