Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 28, Week Three!

The intriguing story we have running in Aces Weekly now - Symbolism Rewired - is all about images and words and what they symbolise, or can symbolise, for good or bad effect. I'm always made very aware of this element of language and thought when I talk to non-comics readers about what we do. Say ' comics ' to any non-comics reader in a word-associatiom test and they'll almost always respond with ' oh, superheroes and funny folks ' - a limited definition of an unlimited medium's capabilities. Imagine such a test done with the word ' literature ' that evoked the response of 'oh, whodunnits and love stories '. Luckily for literature, Joe Public knows better. I don't know how long it'll be before comics get such widespread understanding of their variety as that, but we can only try to help that happen here at Aces Weekly by presenting such exploratory work as Symbolism Rewired, and other challenging strips. Along with a few superheroes and funny folks, of course... : )

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