Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 29, Week Two!

I was very sorry to miss raising the curtain on our bright, new, Aces Weekly volume last week!  It's one of the joys of my job to introduce readers to a new set of stories from our contributors and, very importantly, applaud their skills in doing so!  In the regular comics world, it wasn't a common thing for the publisher of comics to give much credit to the creators of their comics until the Sixties, when Stan Lee started naming his creator crew, and complimenting them in his usual jocular manner, ' Jolting Jack Kirby! ' being a particularly memorable example.  But that change didn't exactly start a revolution in the rest of the comics industry in the US, or here in the UK. Things changed very slowly.  Now, things are very different.  The publisher is seen more as a smartly-run ( if so ) conduit for great talent, not the producer of it.  I'm very proud to be a conduit for everything you see here at Aces Weekly.  And a proud publisher should not outstay his welcome in a curtain-raising introduction by keeping his readers from the people who really matter, who, I am proud to say, are all really fantastic - and jolting!   So, enjoy... : ) 

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