Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 31, Week Three!

I'm lucky enough to get lots of great work submitted to Aces Weekly for potential publication, but amongst it all I often see work that doesnt seem fully tailored for the medium of comics storytelling, but seems squeezed into it and cut to shape. There are two main reasons for this, I think : one is that because comics occupy the lowest rung of the entertainment ladder, they're a natural first target for those who want to climb higher with a story they might want to make something else out of ; and two, in an industry where traditional tight comics storytelling has been ditched to enable overlong story arcs to dominate, the style of scripting attached to those stories - which often have the length of a screenplay - have become a norm. There's lots of instructional material around that preaches the model of good concise comics storytelling, but, as is the same with all the things we see and enjoy in art or entertainment - we naturally want to duplicate them in our own work, and so we unconsciously, if not consciously, learn from those rather than from something else we should ideally learn from. The key study of comics are the key texts of most comics creation. They're the foundation you can use to build anything. Trust me : ) 

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