Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 27, Week Six!

Just attended a con where a small, self-publishing comics group had built a library of comics in a desperately underprivileged area and were engaged in giving a helping hand to those who wanted try using comics to tell their stories. It reminded me of the situation in which I started instructing in the noble art of comics, but it wasn't a perfect copy because where I began spreading my words of wisdom was certainly a deprived inner city area, but nothing as crime-torn and poor as this place was. And the other difference is that the stories the students of my classes wanted to tell were mainly fantasies that might get them a job in comics, whereas the storytellers of the area I visited wanted to tell of their lives. There's no way I could describe the London inner city of the 80's as blessed, but at least those students of mine didnt feel the need to cry out about their situation in quite the way these new storytellers l learned about felt the need to. Count your blessings, springs to mind - though we might end up doing that on the fingers of one hand if the world keeps tilting the way it seems to right now..

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