Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 36, Week Two!

As many comics readers now know very well, many of those who've created strips for companies like DC and Marvel in the US, and publishers in the UK, have come from many countries outside of their employing publisher's base.  For decades, few comic fans were aware of this - the nationality of many creators admired by many readers was not known - either because the publishers had no reason to reveal it, or because they thought it unnecessary to do so in their blinkered attitude towards comic artists as being an interchangeable horde of drones whose origin was irrelevant.  These days, no publisher hides the varying nationalities of creators from those who wish to know it, but it's true to say that publishers are still not shouting the names of their contributors from the rooftops.  It's different at Aces Weekly, of course.  We're just cock-a-hoop with all the people we have from all over the world who make us live and breathe.  Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Philippines, Poland, US, Ireland, Mexico, and the UK, is some of where our creators come from.  And we can send their work back to all those countries, too, without having to make deals with other publishers to reprint in those varying places, because, of course, we don't need to ' print ' at all - just send!  We love being international, because comics storytelling is an international medium and we want to reach out to the world with it.  And what's the best way of reaching out to the world with great comics storytelling in the 21st Century?  Well, this thing called the internet is, that's what...  Come with us around the world...  : ) 

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