Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 50, Week Six!

Friends, To my consternation, an acquaintance of mine who loves comics and creates them once offered to me a clearly expressed description of what he saw the fabulous mix of word and art that we all know as ' comics ' to be : Comics are fun!  Well, of course, they're not.  No more than any means of storytelling or communication can be limited to one kind of effect as their purpose and nature.  Comics can be fun, sure, but they are not exclusively that, or anything else specifically, whatever may happen to be the general perceived viewpoint of them from anyone, or any bunch of someones who may have had a limited experience of them as being one kind of thing more than any other.  Comics don't have boundaries, and never have had boundaries other than those imposed on them in the publishing of them by restrictions arising from cultural and social changes of various kinds that resent and resist the freedom of comics to grow and evolve.  Anything can be done in comics, anything can be said in comics, and any space can be a space for comics to exist in if it can settle there.  Reading this here in our Aces Weekly world, you are in such a space. You won't see everything that comics are capable of here, but you'll see a lot.  And none of it is of one type of thing or of a range of types of things.  It's the open range.  Where the buffalo roam.  And the deer and the antelope play.  Where never is heard a discouraging a word, and the skies are not cloudy all day... Enjoy... : )  And please keep staying safe!    

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