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Carlos Páscoa

Carlos P√°scoa portrait

Carlos Páscoa was born in Beja, in July 1977. He began to draw from an early age, always creating loose pieces, until 1995. In the following year he joined the Illustration and Comics Permanent Workshop at the Casa da Cultura of Beja, which later became the founding place of the Toupeira Collective.

He participated in numerous collective exhibitions held all through Portugal, especially at Casa da Cultura of Beja, during its International Comics Festival (FIBDB), in Moura's Comic Book Festival, and at the Amadora's International Comics Festival (FIBDA) as well.

He is graduated in Urban Management Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon in 2008, and moved to the UK in 2013, where he's currently working as a Graphic Designer.

Most of Carlos' work is rendered in black and white, using indian ink and dip pens, or digitally using a Wacom tablet.

He has been a published illustrator and comic book artist for almost 20 years, mostly on fanzines and small magazines, usually creating his own scripts.

He's been published in the UK by Avery Hill Publishing, as well as AcesWeekly.


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