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Joshua Spiller

Joshua Spiler portrait

Joshua Spiller is a comic-book writer and novelist. He's as good as Shakespeare at football, and as good as Messi at writing. To unwind, he likes to gnaw the inside of his cheek.

His Aces strips thus far are Symbolism Rewired(Vol 28), Time Fracture!(Vol 35), and The Ogxcun Myth(Vol 40). His debut novel, The 8th Emotion, was recently released. It was praised by Alan Moore as:

“Not fantasy so much as post-science Science Fiction... Josh Spiller’s striking debut shows us Utopia threatened by the discovery of a devastating new colour in the spectrum of the heart. The 8th Emotionmarks the emergence of a fascinating fresh voice in the field, and I urge you to feel it as soon as is possible.” 

For any enquiries or commissions, you can contact him at [email protected]


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