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Giuseppe Rungetti

Born 15 March 1974 in San Paolo Belsito north of Naples and since childhood  his love of comics was uncontainable, being amazed by the golden'n'red Iron Man armor. As a teen he started to practice martial arts and after a few years he attained a black belt and has since become a Karate instructor. Following another of his greatest passions, he founded the heavy-metal band Steel Cage ( ) writing music and lyrics and playing guitar. In 2006 he finished the first version of Memoria Mortale, his first novel. In 2009 Giuseppe's love for comics was rekindled when he met Antonio Bifulco, whom he had known as singer and guitarist with another local heavy-metal band. Giuseppe graduated as a lawyer in 2010. After writing Clone Of A Star (Memoria Mortale prequel) he started collaborating with Antonio Bifulco and together they created Gabriel, Exorcist Warrior, which will appear in Aces Weekly.


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