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Lew Stringer

I’ve been freelancing professionally as a writer/artist of humour comics since 1984 as a writer and artist on numerous UK titles including OINK!, BUSTER, TRANSFORMERS, DANDY, BEANO, SONIC THE COMIC, TOXIC, VIZ, and many more for publishers such as IPC, Egmont, D.C. Thomson, and Marvel UK.

Characters I’ve created over the years include COMBAT COLIN, TOM THUG, PETE AND HIS PIMPLE, BRICKMAN, DEREK THE TROLL, THE DARK NEWT, TRANNY MAGNET, and many others.

I’ve also freelanced for international titles, creating THE SUBURBAN SATANISTS for Swedish / Norwegian comic HERMAN HEDNING, and a BRICKMAN series for U.S. comic ELEPHANTMEN.

I’ve also written scripts for other artists and have drawn strips written by others, such as illustrating THE GLUT, written by Dave Gibbons, for Knockabout’s SEVEN DEADLY SINS book.

I’ve worked on comics for a broad age range, from writing early reader titles such as CiTV TELLYTOTS to adult comics such as VIZ, with strips such as Combat Colin and Derek the Troll having elements that hopefully appeal to an all-ages readership.


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