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Ferg Handley

Ferg Handley has been scripting comics for a living since 1998.  His first published work was for DC Thomson’s Commando series, and he has written almost 300 titles for the line.  His other work for the company include The Dandy, Football Picture Library and Wendy.

More recently, he began writing Spectacular Spider-Man for Panini \ Marvel UK, and contributed over 100 scripts for the title.  Other Marvel UK work includes stories for Marvel Heroes and Marvel Rampage.  He is currently the writer for Panini’s ThunderCats title, and has just started work on Team MOBILE for ROK.

Outside of mainstream comics, he has recently scripted educational strips for the BBC’s Bitesize website, as well as other BBC projects. In 2009, he wrote a series of animations for the Imperial War Museum, which are currently on display.


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