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Yishan Li

Yishan Li portrait

Yishan Li is a professional manga/comic creator currently living in Shanghai. Her published works include Contes du Boudoir Hante vol.1-3(Delcourt, France, 2008-2010), CutieB vol.1-2 (Dargaud, France, 2008-2009), 500 Manga Creatures( HarperCollins, 2008), Manga females clip art (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2009), Shojo art studio (Random House, 2009), The Clique (Yen Press, USA 2010) and most recently Will Supervillains be on the Final? (Del Rey, USA, 2011). She was also the artist for the monthly manga serial The Advantures of CG in the popular American teen magazine CosmoGirl.


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