Volume 1

Week 2

A week, seven days, one hundred and sixty eight hours, a lot can happen in that time - and much more and at a faster rate and in an easier way than ever before as we move further into the 21st century. Without the old tech of the printing press, we can get every week of ACES WEEKLY to you at the touch of a button and without months spent in reproduction preparation.

At ACES WEEKLY we want to give you the best and the most we can as quickly as we can, and at the best price we can. To do that we've simply side-stepped the outdated methods of production and distribution. Our work goes directly from the creators to the readers, through this simple channel of delivery.

We're taking the next step in comics production to reach out to the wide audience this great medium should speak to. We're just one hundred and sixty hours into that new era, seven days into the next stage of the evolution of comics, one week into the future of comics. As we said, a lot can happen in that time : )