This week we preview a new series from the great Dylan Teague - Codename D - amongst the continuing stories we're proud to present here at Aces Weekly in this our Tenth Volume! 

This milestone we've reached is of course entirely due the support of you, the reader, and we hope some of you will be able to join us in celebrating it at our first in-store signing, at Orbital Comics in London, on May 7, from 5-7pm!  More on this from us here next week, but you can get more detail now at where you can contact us with your compliments - or otherwise! - and post any other thoughts you might have on Aces Weekly and allied subjects.  We also now have a blog - - on Aces Weekly and allied, run by The Phat Fury!  Curious?  There's only one way to find out... : )

Come join the pack.