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ACES WEEKLY Volume 11 starts here.

Our usual feast of the fantastic starts its seven-week run with Part Two of Keith Burns's story about some of the least-recognized heroes of World War 2 – the ground crews who sent Battle of Britain pilots into the air with confidence and courage to battle in the skies above them. Erks has been a fitting addition to our line-up during this period, considering the many anniversaries of wartime events that have been occurring, including the year-long anniversary of the start of WW1 - the one they thought afterwards might be the last.  Unfortunately, war keeps on repeating itself like a broken record - a point that's emphasised in a particularly dark manner in another war story we'll be featuring later in the run.  If you're a new subscriber, and starting with this volume, or you've just bought this volume separately, you can catch up with Part One of Keith's story in Volume 10, via our ACES WEEKLY BACK VOLUMES. 

Later in this Volume we'll be featuring the very welcome return of Parassassin from Jasper Bark and Alfa Robbi, which took an enforced break due the extraordinarily busy schedules of all the excellent folks producing it.  It's a curse being good, you see - everyone wants you : )

Enjoy this week, with all its many and varied riches.  More and more, and different, next.

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