ACES WEEKLY Volume 13 Week Five starts here!

I want to remind all our subscribers here about that special Aces Weekly 2nd birthday present to you all, which you were told about in our last regular subscriber mailing : ) This has not yet been initiated because I wanted to inform everyone of it beforehand in more ways than that one message. Why? Because sadly mass-mailings are prone to fall into spam, or are not always fully-read, and I want to avoid as much as possible any confusion arising amongst any of our loyal supporters.  Another mailing will be going out to all of you in the middle of next week, repeating the info on our 2nd birthday gift - plus offering the first of 5 excellent watercolour sketches of Jok's in our free subscriber prize draws! - and then our delivery of those gifts will start. They'll be like birthday and Xmas treats, then... : )  If any of you out there have suffered from the lack of info I suggested some of you might, and are confused, then please feel free to contact your dedicated publisher at the address from which you receive our regular mailings.

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