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ACES WEEKLY Volume 14 and 2015 both start here.

Aces Weekly is an extraordinary publication in more ways than one.  Many of our Aces make extraordinary efforts to contribute to us in the spaces they find between other commitments, because they believe in the pioneering that we do, so time shortage for them is a cloud that looms over us of an especially heavier nature at holiday times like these, when there are holiday events to prepare for. So, for a very short while before we published this volume, we were thinking we might need to delay it.  But we soon discovered we didn't need to : ) Despite the time constraints, we're here on schedule thanks to those Aces who went that extra mile to make certain we did!  Don't ever doubt our dedication to do our very best for you - and we'll keep doing that as we travel into the New Year and beyond.

May you all have a terrific 2015!

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