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ACES WEEKLY Volume 16. 

This volume is dedicated to the memory of the great Herb Trimpe, who passed away in April.  We were privileged to have Herb contribute to Aces Weekly through his Firehawks stories, which were tales told out of his love for airplanes and flying them, as much as his love for creating comics.  This week, and over the next 7 weeks of this volume, we will present tributes to him from his fellow Aces here at Aces Weekly.  This week, a few words from our co-founder and comic creator, Bambos Georgiou : 

Herb Trimpe was a joy to work with on Volume 4 of Aces Weekly, not just because he was part of my youth as THE Hulk artist, but because of his enthusiasm. He wanted your feedback and he wanted you to like what he was producing as much as he liked to produce it! He was always ready with a joke and a one liner - usually at his own expense - and there wasn't a hint of ego from a member of "The Marvel Bullpen". I just feel so lucky to have worked with him and proud to have published his creator owned material.

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