ACES WEEKLY Volume 17, Week One.

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Readers, we're just back from the excellent Glasgow Comic Con, which, unlike many of the comic conventions that pepper the year's calendar, is almost entirely dedicated to comics and those things springing from them. There's a great atmosphere of community in shows like those, because, whatever the individual preferences of readers and creators are in subject or form, the link of being hooked on that one medium of entertainment and enlightenment makes us all buddies.

Next stop for Aces Weekly is one of the biggest comic conventions in the world - the San Siego Comic Con - which is a mighty mix of movies, tv, computer games, toys and t-shirts - with comics as now one of its smaller elements!  It's a grand, mad and noisy extravaganza, and a great show, but in contrast to shows like Glasgow's, you can feel lost in the middle of it if you experience it for the first time.  Luckily for us, we know it well, and have buddies there, and look forward to making more, from the comic community and all the other communities that populate the event. If you're lucky enough to be there, come see us at Booth 1907, just across from DC Comics : )

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