Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 19, Week One!

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A Facebook pal recently posted he was saddened overhearing a comic store full of cosplayers declare they never read comics - evidently, they were buying other things echoing their dress choice amongst all the merchandise that comic stores now have in stock. Aces Weekly wants the world to read comics, so we understand how he feels! But there's nothing new in that unbridged gap between comics and the things that are adapted from them. How many go to see superhero movies without a thought to buy the comics about them? Or buy their kids Spidey costumes without considering getting the comics for them, too?  Years ago, superhero movie serials used to be supporting features along with Tom and Jerry cartoons, but even at a time when comics were much more of a mass market than they are now, few of those audiences were expected to rush out for the comics those serials came from. Let's just be happy that the stuff of comics keeps sprouting out all those various offshoots we've seen ; they all carry with them the possibility of new growth in comics fans!  In the meantime, we should be kind-hearted, and sympathise with those poor misguided, unfortunates who don't have enough good taste, or a sufficient appreciation of art, to yet realize what they're missing... : ) 

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