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Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 20, Week One!

Twenty Volumes is a long way to come from Volume One. Thousands of pages in a journey marked by Santa Claus Versus The Nazis, Hadopelagic, Cowboys And Insects, Psycho Gran, Blue Cat, Granny State, The Run, Catalyst Island, Parassassin, Bleriot, Erks, Clara's Shadow, Dungeons and Burglars, Prodigal Son, Grace's Imaginary Menagerie, Combat Colin, Bedtime Stories, Paradise Mechanism, Slash Moron, Shoot for The Moon, Heritage, Firehawks, Line Story Zero, Dark Utopia, The Kept Woman, The Void, The Love Brothers, Gabriel, The Fez, the many stories of Esteban Hernandez, Requiem, The Cat That Came To Call... And all that only took us a little bit down the road to this spot!  We'll going much further on this highway, and for a much longer time, and we hope you'll be staying right along with us... : )

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