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Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 23, Week One!

I'd like to think that everyone in this multi-faceted world of ours looks out from where they are, and into the world beyond where they are, but I know that most people look simply to the limits of where they are.  We don't do that here at Aces Weekly.  We never get stuck in some myopic view of the world, where the uncompromising can't be compromised, and the accepted has to be accepted.  We just explore, and lay bare our explorations, which is why we get terrific satire like, Why Don't You Love Me?, and the wackiest weird stuff of Goons Of The Galaxy!  We only care about one thing - and that is YOU - to give to you the extraordinary in a world that's ordinary ; to give you the world you might not expect because we think it'll be something you'll like!  We hope you're happy with us in this world of the unexpected - it's where Aces Weekly comes from, and we can't be changed : )

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