Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 28, Week One!

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When I began reading comics it was partly to escape the confines of established prose fiction, which seemed to be ' owned ' and purveyed by what I can loosely call mainstream culture.  There was an entire line of comics that adapted much of this fiction under the title, Classics Illustrated.
In all the experiences I had of those books, not once did I find anything like the kind of creativity and excitement that I found in other comic books.  I'd guess this was mainly due to strong editorial pressure to ' respect ' the original by handcuffing creative licence - but I suspect it was also due to a viewpoint on comics that saw them as just a channel to follow to the superior qualities of the prose original, and, beyond that, to what they perceived as the general superiority of prose itself in contrast to comics storytelling
.  At Aces Weekly, we have a different attitude - as you might imagine. We love free creativity, and we love the classics, and we think comics have great strengths that can be used to adapt classics freely in a respectful way.  And so, this volume, we happily present for you what has been offered to us :  Robert Louis Stevenson's, Thrawn Janet, which has been freely, and lovingly, adapted by Stewart Moore...  : )

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