Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 29, Week Three! 

We dont talk about our Aces Weekly Extras much in these intros, but we have some great ones this volume - developing art pages at all stages, from our varying Aces.  For me it was a fascination from way back to see the ' bones ' of art. I saw them accidentally the first time, on the art of someone who became an inspiration to me.  Ron Embleton painted a terrific illustration depicting mediaeval warfare for a magazine I read as a kid called ' Look and Learn '. Obviously cursed by the kind of deadlines all illustrators often suffer, he hadn't finished a section of a horse and soldier - it was still in sketch form - but man was it impressive, and revelatory!  I promise to put it in Extras next week to show you!  As all you subscribers know, great art showing some of those ' bones ' in revealed construction drawing, is being offered as prizes in our free draws, courtesy of the artist,  Jok, whose work is often featured in Extras.
Check our Extras out if you haven't been doing so. Our Aces work hard to make you smile, so take a look and see just how hard... : ) 

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