Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 31, Week Five!

For all you Aces Weekly readers intrigued by the combination of 70's British cop shows and horror movies that inspires our fabulous Gentlemen Ghouls strip, here's some trivia you might like to know about if you don't know it already.  Wardour Street - depicted in this week's issue - was once the' movie street ' of London : full of offices of all the film companies, national and international, in the same way that Fleet Street used to be full of newspaper offices.  But, for the same, or similar, economic reasons that led all the newspapers to eventually leave Fleet Street, all the movie companies eventually left Wardour Street - and most left without leaving a trace of their presence.  The one exception was the famous horror movie maker, Hammer Films.  Their building was called Hammer House, and that name was carved in stone above its entrance!  So, next time you visit London, make sure you pay tribute to some of the golden days of cinema by taking a trip to Wardour Street and taking in Hammer House.  You might even be tempted to buy some perfume at the same time, because perfume is what was being sold in the store occupying its ground floor the last time I visited the street.  Maybe Poison would be an appropriate choice... : )

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