Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 35, Week One!

This 7-week volume is now complete, and you can use our exclusive Week2Week facility to read all of its episodic strips from their opening to their finale!  Just jump from one week to the next via the indicated links in the story pages!

I just heard from a friend of mine who reviews movies for a living that he'd just seen one of the classics of cinema for the first time. There's nothing particularly strange about this unless you judge that understanding the value of a craft demands knowledge of all the finest examples of it as an essential grounding, which is doesn't necessarily.  But it's a different matter in the practise of a craft. There's an essential value in knowing where that craft has gone and prospered and done its best, because that makes the benchmarks we all have to recognise and respect and look to as examples of what we can aspire to. We have to know them and try to equal their quality - though not their identity - in everything we do.  When I see all the varying kinds of work that our great Aces are producing in Aces Weekly, it's obvious to me that they're all staring hard at those benchmarks.  I'm certain you'll see every one of them all carving out their own in the future... : )

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