Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 35, Week Two!

Those of you keeping up to date with the comics news press may have spotted some excellent developments happening in recent times in the way that graphic novels have progressed into previously unknown territory.  I'm referring to their entry into competition for some of the most prestigious prizes in the world of literature. We all know that the medium has made inroads into changing the general public's once strongly-held prejudices against ' comics ' as art,  but for it to achieve parity with the best work in conventional prose is a real breakthrough.  Yet, despite this highpoint of change,  publishers of the kind of work that's reaching this level of acceptance are pulling back from producing more of it.  Why? I think it's because the readership has not grown for it in the way respect for it has.  But  what do you think?  For the first time I ask you readers directly.  This medium is something we all care about, so let's talk about it - write to us in the way we always ask you to... Discuss... : )  

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