Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 34, Week Four!

Sometimes I forget how really good it makes me feel to read a good strip. Though its form is allied to film, it's a thing that's ' read ' and not watched, so it's a personal experience that's closer to the one we always get from reading straight text. The feeling we get from it, by its magic, is that the creators are addressing us directly and not a mass audience, despite however many copies of that strip have been produced.  And the added visceral element created by its visuals always give comics an even deeper reach into the readers individual responses than straight text can, with its unbridgeable  limitations of lines of letters on a white space.  I think the strong intimacy of contact this brings to comics is what makes its readers so passionate about them.  We fall in love with them very easily.  I'm certainly under the spell - and I always realise that more when I see our Aces Weekly contributions come rolling into our inbox every week and I have the privilege of ' reading ' them before all of you can. But though I love them, I'm sure you're glad I never want to keep them all to myself... : ) 

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