Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 36, Week One!

This 7-week volume is now complete, and you can use our exclusive Week2Week facility to read all of its episodic strips from their opening to their finale!  Just jump from one week to the next via the indicated links in the story pages!

Hi, friends, and welcome to your Autumn edition of Aces Weekly.  You're all used to the variety of content that marks our output for you, but this time I think we've given you a more than usually exotic mix!  From high adventure to social satire from the streets, and from conventional cartooning at the outer limits of the conventional, to the kind of expressive work we're used to seeing in the art of underground comics.  On top of that, at the request of our contributors, we're linking to other media, to extend the interest that may be shown from you all in what we're presenting of their work.  Wikkaman at YouTube can be seen via this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nM2GacQvbw - with a song specially tied in to their strip, here in this volume : )  And, in other news, great Aces, Marc Jackson and Lew Stringer are at Nottingham Comic Con next weekend.  Please go see them if you're there!  Oh, and for all you Merlin fans - it's back on the 29th October!

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