Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 39, Week Four!

When I'm at a show of some kind and introducing people to Aces Weekly, I always give out promo badges - buttons in the US, of course - along with the coded access cards we use to sell AW back volumes. For those of you who've not seen them, their message is ' Join The Club ' atop our logo and the site url. People often ask on first seeing them ' It's a club? ', and I say no, but that's the way I look on it. I don't offer more unless pressed, but I'd like to explain it more here to all of you who are already with us. To me, you're all members of an exclusive body of special people who've joined the fight to change things. A not stick-in-the mud, non-status-quo, bunch of smart readers who are a breed apart. A bit like Ocean's Eleven. Our clubhouse is here, and our meetings are every week. I hope you'll always want to come... : )

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