Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 39, Week Seven!

Friends, here's news of some upcoming appearances of a bunch of our terrific Aces!  If you're in the area where these excellent events are occuring, or can get to them, please go and say hi to these wonderful people!  They want to see you!  The amazing, Rachael Smith - of Clara's Shadow in Volume 7 and much other great work, is in Macclesfield on June 23rd at Macc-Pow! along with other fine Aces, Lew Stringer, David Leach, Roger Langridge, and Marc Jackson - who happens to be the brains behind the whole show!  Rachael is also going to be at Driffield Comic Con on June 29th!  Go say hi, and tell them you're an Aces Weekly subscriber.  We love seeing our subscribers!  And I'll be back here with you on June 24th with Aces Weekly Volume 40.  See you then... : )

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