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Welcome to Volume 4 of Aces Weekly, with yet another group of outstanding creators. We see the return of some strips and present many new creators and new creations.

It's with great joy, and an equal amount of pride, that we see the debut of comic legend, Herb Trimpe, with his FIREHAWKS strip. Many of our readers will be familiar with the INCREDIBLE HULK comics drawn by Herb, who is also the co-creator of Wolverine. As if that wasn't enough, Herb also drew GODZILLA, SHOGUN WARRIORS and tons of other books for Marvel.

Amongst the strips returning to ACES WEEKLY is DR QUEER by Mychailo Kazybrid and Bambos Georgiou. Mychailo and Bambos also produce many of the WALLACE & GROMIT strips appearing in the national newspaper THE SUN, which has a circulation of two million - almost as many as ACES WEEKLY!  We also welcome Jimmy Broxton, Guy Adams, Mark Montague and Stephen Baskerville to the onscreen pages of ACES WEEKLY. They join returning creators David Hitchcock, Rory Walker and Esteban Hernandez  - Aces all!

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