Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 41, Week Three!

Despite the many wonders it's produced, the ' industry ' of comics has been responsible for suppressing creativity in comics art due to the unavoidable demands of that industrial output. The necessity of using simple drawing techniques for efficiency has hampered the artistic exploration which could have brought a wider personality to the art of comics.  Some of this was due to limited reproduction choices, but much was the result of boringly conventional methods of art that were insisted upon by editors for decades.  Thus it is that I feel I should draw your attention to one of the star players - among many - of this volume's non-industrial output.  Lily Durell is using all kinds of art techniques in telling Richard Blandford's, The Fixer  - she's grabbing what will work and applying them well, and to good effect.   I'm guessing this freedom is partly due to not being unduly influenced by the ' industry's ' usual practices, as many other artists naturally have been, but it might as easily be a rebellion against them if she knows more about them than I know she knows ( maybe she'll clue us in right here next week... ).  At any rate, here at Aces Weekly, we're glad to see the kind of liberated creativity Lily is exhibiting via The Fixer.  Art must be an adventure if it has the freedom to be - and the great thing about cyberspace reproduction is that it will never be limited by any of those chains that for many understandable reasons held back comics creators in the print and paper past.  At Aces Weekly, we never change comics from what they are into something else - we just remove the handcuffs from the Aces who make them... : )

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