Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 42, Week One!

This 7-week volume is now complete, and you can use our exclusive Week2Week facility to read all of its episodic strips from their opening to their finale!  Just jump from one week to the next via the indicated links in the story pages!

Friends, It's Halloween time!  And just in time for Halloween we're presenting one of the weirdest strips we've ever published with the work of new Ace, Ben Bernard-Smith, and his strange comedy about a boy who can see what others seemingly can't.  But then, that's something that's very familiar to us here at Aces Weekly.  We've been un-blinkered seers into the comics world for a long time, and we see lots of it as being full of even stranger things than Wilfred sees : such as comics readers being happy with restricted distribution, high prices, and poor access.  It always looks strange to me - and I'm always trying to convince those who see those things as normal to instead see them to be as weird as I do!  Will I succeed?  Will Wilfred succeed?  We'll see... : )

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