Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 43, Week Two!

Friends, two things to note this intro :  Firstly, on one of the Facebook pages we use to promote our work, I recently took an opportunity to point out to visitors the usually unseen personnel of our fine Aces Weekly work team - the full complement without which we would not function very well at all, or, come to that, at all - but as some of you aren't happily connected to that particular media platform, or to any social media at all, here I want to name again that part of our admin crew who you may not know about but who form a central core of our efforts! They are Bambos Georgiou - our co-founder and super Subscriptions Manager.  Simon Russell - our Managing Editor in all things tech and design.  And the self-styled, Phat Fury - the man who is entirely responsible for our blog, which currently features a great interview with Ben Bernard-Smith, the creator of The Weird World Of Wilfred Weed. The blog has lots of other interviews with Aces, plus links to all kinds of other things comics, so, please check it out if you don't check it out already, and enjoy!  And contribute to it yourself! You can!   Secondly, note that in Extras this week you can see one more of our fine runner-up entries to the script contest of last year, this time from Edward Whiting and titled, The Shortcut... : )

Remember, we ALWAYS want to hear from you!  Ask questions, talk to us all, post to our blog, and see us over at facebook.com/acesweekly. Or send mail to info@acesweekly.co.uk to see it right here, whatever you want to say!