Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 43, Week Three!

Friends, this week, two items for your attention : Firstly, for all those fans of the absurd and ridiculous adventures of Mr Custa : A Rock Star In Space, by Phil Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou, and Mychailo Kazybrid, we can tell you it's now back and proud in its original sound radio incarnation! Its first episodes - along with Phil's other creation, Dr StrangeGlove -  went out on last Saturday between 1-2pm on  Cannock Chase Radio FM 89.6 & 94.0 FM, in "The Happy Hour" hosted by Mr UpAndHappy - Lee Bannister!  Go to Cannock Chase Radio to catch up and check for more news!  Secondly, please note that one more excellent entry into our script contest of last year is featured here for you to see in our Extras section - this time from Pete Wardle... : )

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