Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 44, Week Four!

Friends, there's all kinds of change happening in regular life through current events, but in the very specific world of comics, one of the biggest changes will be cancellations of comic cons for who knows how long to come. Comic stores may be able to initiate immediate systems of home delivery to regular customers and others to ameliorate their losses in part, but cons can't downsize, only cancel, and they've become such valuable things to the comics business over time that their absence will be sorely felt. You might imagine our Aces Weekly world would be immune from this suffering due to our cyber personality, but no, comics events are invaluable occasions for us to introduce ourselves to new readers personally to say hi, not to mention meeting a lot of you guys on the road if any of us are in your area. I like travelling and I like meeting people who like we do, so I'm going to miss all that big time until we can get back to doing it all again! Meanwhile, as I always say, we always want to hear from you! So, take this opportunity of our forced distancing, to reduce it yourselves and come closer to us by email or message. We won't be able to see any of you in the flesh for a while, but we can always be with you in spirit... : )

Remember, we ALWAYS want to hear from you!  Ask questions, talk to us all, post to our blog, and see us over at facebook.com/acesweekly. Or send mail to info@acesweekly.co.uk to see it right here, whatever you want to say!