Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 44, Week Seven!

In this last week of our Aces Weekly, Volume 44, and also in our past weeks of content, we're now featuring some newly-added material in our Extras section from our newest Ace, Ed Norden.  Ed's the guy who brought you that crazy satire about the - almost - indomitable galactic conqueror of an age gone by, and he was really enthusiastic about wanting you all to see the back-work he'd put into his story, which we are very happy to show you.  Check it out!  Because of our digital nature, extensive Extras are one of the major benefits we can offer to our readers and to our contributors : a place where Aces can show the building blocks of their work as well as the final form of it in a way that will not raise our page publishing cost.  Why?  Because we don't print!  Yeah, no more trees fall for us because we add Extras!  Actually, of course, no trees fall for us at all.  Well... apart from drawing paper...  And... maybe... pencils...  Stay safe, everyone... : )  

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