Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 51, Week One!

This 7-week volume is now complete, and you can use our exclusive Week2Week facility to read all of its episodic strips from their opening to their finale!  Just jump from one week to the next via the indicated links in the story pages!

Friends, the beginning is no place to start with an end, yet here we must in Volume 51 : by paying tribute to the passing of one of our great Aces, who's recently left us.  If you'd noted Dave Evans in our pages, you'd have seen him only as Bolt-01 - the name he adopted to produce great lettering on many of our strips from the very beginning of  Aces Weekly. Recently, he'd done more under that moniker, becoming an enabler for the creators of the strip, Im/Purity, in Volume 49.  Beyond all those things he did with us, Dave had done lots of other terrific stuff in comics for very many years as one of the most passionate promoters of this great artform in all of its most popular forms of expression, via associations with 2000AD and others.  We're very glad to have had him on board with us here.  And we raise a glass in his memory : )    

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