Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 51, Week Three!

Friends, One of the many things we're proud of here at Aces Weekly is our Extras section.  No other publisher in any other usual crew of publishers offers its readers a whole bunch of pages of relevant and informative material to show the creativity of what their creators have done in their art, script, layouts, and such, before the final object they've created appears.  But there's an essential difference between Extras material and the final storytelling content we can always show in our pages, and that difference is that we can't guarantee that any Extras can be seen from any of our Aces, however much we may want to show them.  We can always give you a set amount in page count of final fun and drama, but we can never ensure to show the origin material that might accompany them, even though we ask all our Aces to provide it if they want to, because we have the digital space to do that without suffering the extra costs we'd incur in print and paper publishing.  There are two varying reasons for an Extras shortfall occurring if one happens to occur : one is that some creators in comics, like many artists, are sensitive to showing what they go through to get to what they finally present, because they only want to show what they finally present - not any half-finished object.  The other reason can often be a shortage of time to scan and send construction materials in to us.  At any rate, and for whatever the reason, we are often left Extras-lite on our Volumes, and, because I'm prone to shout about us having Extras as a bonus you deserve, I want to apologise to you if you don't see as much of them as you'd like to!  It may well be that now, as I plead forgiveness from you, many of our Aces will recant and decide that baring their breasts will only prove to attract more applause for their achievements rather than less, and this will justify the time they might spend in showing the building blocks of their art for that greater appreciation to come to them - not to mention the greater appreciation it might garner for the creativity of the craft itself, exclusive of the individual artists involved... So, watch this space... And, oh, by the way, if you like any of our particular Aces especially and really want to see their Extras, you might well get a result by asking them nicely to see them... We all like to be loved, you know... All compliments will be gratefully received at info@acesweekly.co.uk... : )  Stay safe, everyone!   

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