Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 54, Week One!

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This week, friends, please welcome a guest intro from our tech editor, Simon Russell...

Hello, Readers!  David has kindly offered me the chance to welcome you aboard Aces Weekly Volume 54. You can see for yourself what great strips we have on offer today, including the return of some favourites, so I KNOW you'll enjoy the ride!  Volume 54 comes hot on the heels of COP26 in Glasgow, where world leaders paid lip-service to the need for action on Climate Emergency and fealty to their big business backers. The commitments that came out of this Last Chance conference were so underwhelming that the presentation I made at the weekend's climate-focussed TED x SPRINT event had to be presented to a brief that was set as "Hope not Despair"...  So what better way to lift our spirits in this new Volume of  Aces Weekly than to kick off with Anthony Smith's climate-conscious, ' Stories of the Incredible '?  We also have the return of Golgotha ; Living The Dream ; Merlin & Hector ; Velicity Jones ; Mr Custa, and Psycho Gran ; plus there's new work from fresh  Aces.  In case you're wondering, the presentation I mentioned earlier took the old story about the Emperor of China and the Invention of Chess to propose the idea that you don't have to change everyone immediately to change the world - just change TWO people and get them to change two people and keep passing it on... exponential growth like that means that in just over 33 steps you could change all 7.9 BILLION people living on Earth!  Keep on truckin', everybody... just not in actual trucks!

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