Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 65, Week Two!

Friends, This intro we have yet another important note about our fab Aces on tour and where to find them!  Jack Briglio and Federico Zilli are at Capital Comic Book Convention in Canada, and Lucca Comics and Games respectively.  Jack on the 29th October, and Federico on Nov 1st and 2nd.  For those who don't know it, Lucca is one of the premier comic conventions in Europe, which, for some reason - maybe the continual Autumn placement of the event - always turns muddy towards its final days like Glastonbury tends to do here in the UK whenever it's held!  Lucca doesn't change much from that routine except that it now embraces the wide world of games in its content and titling as many other major comic cons have been obliged to do.  Some of us might well yearn for a time when comics would be respected enough on a global basis to make big comics art cons continuously viable without the help of other pop culture support input like games and movies, etc., but the change that's been forced on most of them in the Western world has helped comics survive more than hindered them in the challenging economic landscape we've all been aware of over time.  Our precious art form of comics storytelling must survive, and we must always grasp every means of ensuring that - as we do here every week at Aces Weekly in our own particular pioneering and life-saving way.  Staying is always better than going even if you have to wear slightly different clothes in order to blend in with the crowd... : )  Stay, all... and stay safe!

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