Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 65, Week Three!

Friends, I'm going off to a con shortly where I'll be invited to talk on two panels : one of them covering V For Vendetta and the other including some news on the British Comics scene, which I'll give to them as I much as I know of it.  But it occurred to me while thinking on that panel, that it was kind of crazy to talk in the 21st Century about British Comics, when the globe is freely available via the net for all kinds of comics storytelling that have no borders of identity to designate them or need to.  Sure, sure, it's all the old stuff and business of comics that's responsible, where we have the US with Marvel, and the Brits with Judge Dredd, and Italy with Tex, etc, etc, and then Manga of all kinds from Japan ( as manga is always recognized as Japanese, despite manga's massive  and inspiring effect on the market outside it and comics creativity outside it ).  But let us try to look to a brighter future for a global identity for comics in the creative space of cyberspace - like the mad mix that Aces Weekly gives us - where borders don't denote us.  Who talks of Tolkien as from British books?  John Updike from US books?  The global world of fiction is borderless and has been for decades, but comics are still perceived as national products that have been let loose only by licence, not because their value alone demands their freedom to roam the planet.  See.. that's the dream of Aces Weekly that I go off on sometimes.  Just humour me and let me do it, ok..? : )   And please... stay safe in this mad world!

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