Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 65, Week Four!

Friends, Another November 5th has come and gone, and it just so happens that, more by chance than judgement, I often find myself at some event or other on that day and at the centre of a discussion on V For Vendetta.  These are good discussions and saddening ones in equal measure : uplifting in celebrating a revolutionary's committed actions ; but depressing in recognizing that there is still so much fighting to be done against the tyrannies of the world in varying oppressions of one kind or another, big and small.  Appropriately, on the plane back I saw an excellent film about a past triumph against a dictatorship : the 1985 trial in Argentina of the generals responsible for the crimes committed there before democracy won a hard-fought battle against them.  So, in the war between the uplifting and the saddening this time, the uplifting happily tipped the balance as I made my way back to the UK - a place which too many of us take for granted will never fall into the hands of the kinds of oppressors who blighted Argentina and still do in so many other places on the globe. But... well, let's just keep a good close watch, eh..? : )  Stay safe... and vigilant..!

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