Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 65, Week Five!

Friends,  It just so happens that at the same time I was considering the subject of this intro of mine, I happened to be commenting on a media post from the great Glenn Fabry, who was showing some of his superb figure drawing sketches of the movement and positioning of human body action that he uses in his work.  It also just so happens that Glenn once considered doing something for us, which would have been nice, but which time and circumstance decided not to happen.  However, it finally happens to be the case that had Glenn been able to join the Aces of Aces Weekly he would have found he had much in common with his fellows, because, like all the creators we present here, Glenn is driven by what he wants to be as an artist, and always will be, come what may.  He's never knowingly changed what is his essential identity as an artist because it's as much a part of him as everything else that makes him who he is.  Art must have its way for the artist who's true to what he knows his identity to be as an artist, whatever the outcome, and the unnecessary rules and restrictions that can hamper that personality in other places than here will never be part of what we do.  Artistic freedom is one of the central keys of our existence here at Aces Weekly and that will never change while we're still here and still in business... : )  Stay safe all!      

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