Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 65, Week Six!

Friends, There's a battle for art on at the moment that's easy to forget about amidst the real wars we're being so disturbed by.  It's the battle against AI art.  A recent comparison I saw made by some of AI art's champions is that the ease of action the calculator gave to the non-sharp that enabled them to triumph over maths is similar to the benefit afforded to the non-artistic by AI to triumph over artistic shortcomings, so what's so wrong with it? It's a good try, but however beautiful numbers are perceived to be by those who love mathematics, they're not the mix of imagery and visionary thinking that all pictorial art is composed of, even in their simplest manifestations.  A grasp of maths and arithmetic is something that can attained by anyone if they have the ability to work at it, but the special quality that creative artists have - and can make their living by - comes from an actual blessing, a gift from the gods, that can't be attained by the simple learning of it.  All the artists we feature here in Aces Weekly are so blessed, and thus robbing any one of them by taking away the work that they are meant to do in the grand scheme of things, is literally stealing their birthright.  It's that simple a calculation... : )  Stay safe all!

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