Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 65, Week Seven!

Friends, It's the last week of Aces Weekly Volume 65, amigos!  And I say ' amigos ' very deliberately here.  Why?  Well, as some of you great subscribers may well have noticed over time and now still, we have a fabulously international cast of contributors ( and subscribers, by the way ) who, in a month of Sundays ( a very English term ) we would not have been able to present to you in the usual mess of licencing arrangements that print/paper product seemingly has to suffer as an essential requirement for it to allow any comics story to cross the borders of one country to another to entertain a new audience.  Of course, at Aces Weekly , we don't care about that stuff and don't need to.  You can just buy us to see us, wherever you happen you want to see of us of what we do - in a single volume or via an ongoing subscription - you don't have to wait on some deal between print publishers across the globe to agree to publish us under licence in their particular territory to see such superb stories as the fantastic,Golgotha, in Aces Weekly Volumes 51-55, which was born in South America.  Aces Weekly goes to you directly, and always will, without unecessary hindrance or objection.  That's what we're all about - another aspect of that freedom we always shout about.  That's what we do, and will keep doing if you stick with us to let us keep doing it... : )  Stay safe all, all the time! 

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