Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 66, Week Seven!

Friends, In the old days of traditional British comics ' Readers! Go here for exciting news! ' used to mean your favourite comic was going to be eaten up by some other comic in the publisher's unstable stable because of cost-cutting, but you'll be pleased to know that is not the case here!  No!  Here, it's the news of that competition I've been teasing you with, which has kindly been enabled through the good offices of our Ace, David Leach, who has been nice enough to nicely ask one of our favourite friends of Ace Weekly whether she'd mind if we used one of the b/w images from one of her adventures for a colouring competition.  She was gracious enough to say yes!  Yes!  And she's also offered to help David judge the entries!  Yes, yes, that is daunting, I know... I know... but it should keep you on your toes..!  The prize is a great piece of fab original art from David!

Conditions of entry : 
1 ) You must NOT be one of our contributors, however tempted you all may be by this wonderful opportunity to show your skills as Aces to our benefactor.
2 ) You must have your scanned entry in to me by 12 midnight on 25th February as a jpg of at least 300 res.  And the winner will be advertised on the evening of the 4th March!  And btw you won't want to question the finality of the judge's final judgement...

Access to competition file and return of completed entry : 
The b/w page to be coloured - using whatever medium you wish, traditional on paper, or any digital means - is the one you can see as the last page of this week's contribution from David.  It will be sent to you as a 300 res file at your request from the email address you are all familiar with via my subscriber mailings to you or any more recent contacts.

Last note :  this contest will be exclusive to all of you subscribers for just one week, and will be open to all-comers after that date, so don't wait around!  She's waiting for you right now to show her what you can do...  : )  Stay safe and colourful!

Remember, we ALWAYS want to hear from you!  Ask questions, talk to us at our blog or at facebook.com/acesweekly. Or send mail to [email protected] to see it right here, whatever you want to say!