Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 68, Week Five!

Friends, I'm guessing there's a bunch of you out there who are massive fans of 2000AD and planning to be up in Bristol, UK, next weekend for Lawless, which, for those of you unaware of it, is a yearly event celebrating the cream of those British comics creators who have formed the core of that particular stalwart of UK comics output from the past to the present. The link from that mention I've made of it will tell you the full creator lineup of fab folks to see there, but I'm bound  to direct you to only one of them in my duty to inform you of the travels of Aces you can see to go say hi to, that one being the superb, John McCrea, a past Ace who graced our debut volume along with writer pal, Phil Hester, in a story that's yet to reach its desired conclusion!  If London's closer for you, MCM Comic Con London next weekend gives you the chance to see Aces, Chris Geary, Rachael Smith, Colleen Douglas, and Martin Griffiths. If you manage somehow to get to both events, or have to just settle on Bristol to see John and his pals, take a moment to remind him from us here at Aces Weekly that we're still waiting for the finish of that story of his... : )  Stay safe, everyone, wherever you happen to be!

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